Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Haven't been blogging a lot this week cause I was lazy over the weekends and I wanted to catch up on my drama :D
But I'm feeling hardworking today so that explains this blog post :D
Thursday was teacher's day celebration and I got a few photos :D
With Mdm Lee :D
Mr Zakir!

Saw twinney along the corridor and I grabbed a photo with her :D

Ms Hesley!

Went swimming with krystal after that! Took a selfie before leaving the house as I had some spare time!

So we camwhored a little while waiting for the train!

we were facing the sun so our skin looks quite nice heheh ;D
my ootd was a lace romper! Its super xinku to wear I don't think I will wear again :P
Plus the romper had a black rubber along the waist and made me look as though I have layers when I wear it :(((((((

look at the layers at the waist the romper gave me in the photo below :(

Tbh its the first time I went to this swimming complex.. super suaku as a singaporean i know, but I can't swim well so I go swimming only like twice a year.. I really enjoyed my day though! The weather was really good as there was no sun! However, there was a lightning alert and we had to clear out of the pools for around half an hour which was a total mood spoiler!

Ootd taken another day!

Haven't been wearing this romper and the last time I wore it was in sec two.. I rememeber that it was rather loose previously but now its like...  =.= sobs
sorry I had a pimple
Keeping this blog post short as I have another one and I'll post it up tmr:)

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