Thursday, September 26, 2013

Exploring part 2 and 3!

Drafted this post for quite some time now but I didn't have time to post it until today!
Explored around with Krystal again!! ( two weeks ago)
We alighted at city hall station and walked around until we reached clarke quay
My eyes were swollen :(

This photo below was captured seconds before and I was making my fringe omg unglam xxx
swag annort HAHAHA
I got a photo with MBS yay successful tourist

Sobs at my swollen eyes


we then reached fort canning park!

and we decided to leave after a while!
the weather was killing and I was very tired after all the walking so that explains the unsightly photo below :|
tired and moodless face
But then we went to a sheltered area soon and I was super happy so...


We also went shopping at Bugis! :D

Saw this booth so I decided to sell something :P
Hi you wanna buy anything from my shop? :D
Acting like a lady ~~
Actually I don't really care

sunglasses tutorial anybody?

Thanks for reading <3

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