Monday, September 2, 2013


Just finished watching "Planes" just now!

Our movie tickets- thanks to nuffnang:)

There was a cotton candy booth and we queued up for one:D the person making the cotton candy looked a little scary though...
Haven't eaten one for so long and I don't really like the taste. Think I've grown older D:
Then we queued for the balloons! Haha guess it means that I'm still young (?) 

I wanted the 'Rochelle' balloon at first but we queued at the wrong line so I took Dusty instead as we were going to be late to enter the cinema. 
But the woman was very reluctant to give jasmine so we eventually queued for a Rochelle balloon for her. However, the last one was given away to the person in front of her so she took dusty too:P

In the cinema, I camwhored a little cause the lighting was quite okay before the show start! And the woman beside me was a little *coughs* startled...

My hair was tied up in a bun and I was so uncomfortable throughout the show as I cannot rest my head on the chair. Secondly, the glasses were reused and my lens was so dirty and I had to wipe them repeatedly. Thirdly, my eyelashes were literally stuck to the lens and I was super irritated. 
Overall, I would rate the show 4 out of 5..
Love how the movie was designed to show how dusty go after his dreams :) 
There was one part I became very sad and I ALMOST teared for Dusty hahahah.. 
After the movie, we went around to take a few more photos. 
Yay childhood deprived me :')

Then we went to have Mac and went home! 
Centre parting me and jasmine and her camouflaged braids!
We talked a lot on the train and I'm really glad cause we cleared some of our misunderstandings as we had sort of a tiff last week. Hehe just love how easy it is for us to tell each other that we are angry without telling lies unlike some of my other friends.

Ok shall end off with some more selfies!

Making the balloon to full use:D
Bye and nights:)

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