Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Could't sleep well this few days, so I was so bored that i zilian-ed in the middle of the night ytd.

And i decorated my boring sch bag

another keychain i made :D
Had choir today , thmm glad so that i can go home late. After choir , Sandra came my house <:
Zilian-ed quite a bit also HAHA

LOL super epic !

Advertising for Bubble tea !

Now socks ! LOL
then nail polish ! HAHA

now this puppy ! anyw , it was my birthday present! Love it <3

Going malaysia tmr night to visit my grandfather , hope he get well soon <3
Really stressed up now and might burst out crying anytime . Really dk what to do . 
All i can hope is that tmr will be better .
Nights <3
okay , this post's title quite lame cause idk what to put

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