Friday, June 29, 2012

Sch reopen !

This song thmm nice <3 ! go listen k (:

Anyw , went for mac crew gathering on 20 june , haha i know i so late then post photos but was quite busy :< 
jun min  . He zilian one LOL

Jiajun's girlfriend and Elaine
when having the speech .


at the beach going to play games

idk who LOL

 Then we need to play this game see which group form the longest line with their team , my group almost won !  But the other group use paper bag then they win :(
everbody so excited

Me and Ratna


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Naga hugging the girl to win !
me :/ photographer below

the snakebites and eyebrow piercing cool sia !
everybody go play mahjong or gamble after the games ~
bbq time!

after bbq then i quite bored went to the beach and walk walk with Fitri and 美女 (idk her real name)
Found a coconut !
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Aim was to climb this rock wall . Thmm scary !

But i succeeded ! Then the view from the top

   Victory shot ! :P  But the wind thmm big then hair fly :<

taken with junmin(left) and Junyuan (right)

Sch re-opened this week and I've loads of homework not completed so i copied :(
Then went to library with Jasmine and XinMin on tues after choir , choir on wed , running with jiajun and krystal on thurs  !
then today finally friday ! :D
Found this weird cherry with a seed on the outside ! 
 Then i cleaned my wardrobe

Neat right ! Sorted out all my stuff for the flea alr ! :D
 Just now went to cut my hair and the hair dresser ruined it :( thmm pissed 
Anyw , Happy Advanced birthday to Angeline and Eva ! Love both of you <3 

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