Friday, July 27, 2012

Dark knight rises

Went to watch dark knight rises today with Jasmine (:  The show thmm nice so many police I like.

Then after that went home lor. Pon-ed work cause I quite bu shuang rahman . Dw reply me then I dw work lor. TSKTSKTSK.

Then i very bored went to do coloring

masterpiece :D
Nice annorts :P
Then after that I went to clean my room . Found a mini dead cockroach . EEEW :(

Acrylic set
Oh , and after comtemplating for very long , I decided to sell my acrylic set cause i no time use . If int come buy from me k!

Includes :  
12 bottles of shimmering acrylic powders  (some used but still got a lot)
18 bottle of color acrylic powders (white and pink used a bit)
2 brush cleaner (one bottle left half)
1 X acrylic liquid
1 X transparent acylic powder (used some)
1 X pink acrylic powder (used some)
1X primer/bonder i not very sure (used few time )
1 X brush
1 X cuticle oil
2 X moulds (lollipop and lace de)
plus around 400 plus forms .
plus the box to keep everything

Selling for around $65
Thmm cheap k . If u go konad but one bottle acrylic powder $13.90 leh

 Go listen this song k (; 

This week like everyday I cry except today (:
Thanks for letting me have a normal day without tears (:
I really gave up on him le ~ I guess ..
So xin ku to try so hard and all I got back was your late replies and shit.
And won't be bothered by you anymore . All my tears are not to be wasted on you.
Oh and gws to my mum ! <3

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