Monday, July 23, 2012




Short post before I sleep (:
slept only 3h ytd but surprisingly im not very tired today omg. My insomnia getting more serious LOL.  Today had english , and the teacher quite funny LOL. I was like eh teacher then she call me 'B' student lol wtf. Then after school I stayed back to complete my chinese (:

Anyw , went to scape with Julia on sat. Never thought that I would go out with any PHS ppl anymore cause all like lost contact. Such a coincidence that me and her met at scape a few weeks before. Also saw debbie there haha. Then on sat ,  went to scape and bought a dress , top and some accessories.
on the way out

Turquiose top


After that we took a long bus ride and went to salvation army hoping to buy something nice . But in the end both of us nvr buy anything cause all quite ex :X 
Then after that we parted there . I took a bus and went to bpp , then take bus go cwp . Then at cwp i suddenly become thmm sad . Then i feel like buying things , so i walked around and bought a shirt <:

 Then after that i cheered up  .
Then that day my double eye lids very deep cause not enough sleep so must take picture LOL.

hope tmr will be a better day YAY

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