Friday, July 20, 2012


Heehee , haven't been bloggin lately , so shall start with Thurs , 5July . 
Went to PCF after scholl , the kids thmm cute <:
listening to stories

They reading the story

Enthu !

Okay , no more PCF photos alr ! 

 Anyway , went to Malaysia after PCF , then reached about 12am cause of the 5h train ride. Then next day :
my grandpa <3

Grandma making coffee :D
 Then I went out to explore a bit <:
Malaysia's traffic light . So different from SG's 

Their sch

Then this one is my grandma shophouse 

the minimarts at the opposite. 
 Didnt get to shop much because we came back on fri afternoon -.-  So early as sat morn no tickets and need get back for choir.

my self made bubble tea (:

my cousin <3333

then at 12pm i was so boredd .... so ...
I went to clean the dog's shit cause nobody clean and was thmm smelly.
Took me thmm long and i almost fainted.
Then the ungrateful dog scratched my leg cause nobody cut its nails.
Make me thmm pissed is that nobody take care of the dog -.- Want to have a dog dw take care wtf

Hi :D

picture before leaving

waiting for train


train come !

ate ice gems on the way back . 
Then the train broke down and it took 7and half hours to reach sg . Ate a lot of sweets then got sugar rush -.- Then i sit on the chair thmm xin ku omg . But luckily reaching soon . 

 On sat , choir performance .

kelly giving out bread

mdm ng

Add caption


kelsey ! 

Cotton Candy

Everybody singing thmm happy
 On wed , celebrate racial harmony day


me , zihuan , angeline

u see a jasmine ? <:

xuesi ~

Dina ! Heehee , my costume she lent me de





Janani and brindha

after choir

 Then at night went to meet kwan wei (:

We talked for thmm long omg . Got so many things to tell each other <:

Then had the flea on 14jul , sat . Sold things with jasmine . Then kelly , sandra , siti , jywa came to support . HAHA YAY

Okay , nth much alr . 
Went to watch Dark knight with jasmine today then halfway the film no sound -.- 
But then quite fun cause can hear ppl keep say they wann free hotdog LOL. Then when the person say will refund got ppl say eh waste my popcorn . Thmm epic ! Then we walked around causeway and saw ms tang at uni qlo . After that we went to nichii and i bought a shirt <:  
Okay , gtg work ! BYE

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