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Pink Parlour//Buy 1 Free 1 Promo//My first Brazillian

If you haven't read about my post on my first leg waxing experience, click here!
So I headed to Pink Parlour for the second time! This time, I tried out my first brazillian waxing! 
If you don't know what is brazilian waxing, here's Wikipedia's explaination about it! 

To be honest, I was rather afraid that it would be awkward and painful since the brazillian area is very sensitive.
To start off, the friendly consultant led me to the room then I had to go to the toilet to do some washing first.
Yeap, you've guessed it right. The toilet was in a pretty shade of pink as well.

Overall,  the procedure was quick and the pain level was about 3/10, which is considered very good for the brazilian area. I've tried tweezing hairs from the area before and the pain was so unbearable. Hence, I'm glad that waxing was not as painful! It was not as awkward as I thought it would be as my consultant was very friendly and kept checking with me whether I felt alright with the wax temperature etc.

"All equipment is highly sterilized before and after every single treatment too. Each set of scissors, tweezers, pushers and cutters are meticulously cleaned and soaked in sanitizing alcohol and hospital grade disinfectants for over 5 minutes to eliminate most germs and viruses. Tools are then carefully packed into individual sterilization pouches for safety, and then stored in our UV lamp cabinets for further sterilization. These are opened only in front of you to assure you that we only deliver the safest, cleanest and the best service for you." 

While doing my treatment, I witnessed the tweezers being packed in individual packets and I'm glad to be in good hands! 

Here are some myths about Brazilian waxing! I currently take haircare module from my diploma and below are some of my thoughts with a bit of humble knowledge on these myths!

Myth #1: Hair will grow back thicker and coarser after waxing
Nope, hairs do not grow back thicker, nor does it grow back coarser. When hairs are removed from its root, a new hair will grow out from the follicle. It will either look the same as the previous strand, or look slightly thinner!

Myth #2: Is brazilian waxing painful?
As much as I would like to say it is totally painless, I must say there is still certain levels of discomfort, but I personally feel that its much better than other types of hair removing(from the root) method. I've previously tried epilating and tweezing but waxing causes the least discomfort.

Myth #3: The wax is hot enough to kill any bacteria
This is a big no no! Double dipping will cause transfer of bacteria into the wax and the bacteria will remain in the wax. I'm sure no one one else wants to use the same wax that you used!

For hygiene purposes, Pink parlour is very particular about the 'no double dipping' and 'no reusing of spatula' rule. 

This practice eliminates any possible contamination in the wax pots. Waxes are heated to its maximum temperature at least once a day eliminating any possibility of residual bacteria.
With Kana, my consultant!

I also had my legs waxed a few days after but I'll blog about my experience as one because I went back another day as Pink Parlour was fully booked on the day I did my Brazilian wax and I could not fit in another treatment. 

I took the photos of my leg under the same lighting, at the same location with the same camera settings to ensure that the photos are fair for judgement of the treatment! 
As seen from the photos, the main differences were that my hairs were gone and that my skin became brighter and smoother!! :)

It's my second time getting my legs waxed in my entire life and I'm not regretting the decision:)

Get Silky smooth with Pink Parlour now!
With ChiewXuan
Other than the treatment rooms, they actually have a waiting area for your friends to sit at! Sadly, I was too excited for the treatment and didn't see the chair(despite walking pass it). Hence, poor chiewxuan had to be in the same room while I did my treatment when she could have been chilling on the chair.

Thanks for your company!

Thanks for letting me try out Pink Parlour's waxing service! 
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