Friday, August 21, 2015

Her Changing Room

Every woman's dream is to have an unlimited supply of clothes, however due to time and money constraints, most of us have to rewear our outfits!

Another scenario would be that we only wear our clothes once or twice and never wear them again. For me, I have this problem and I ended up selling clothes that I bought at high prices for only $1 or $2 at fleas, which was such a pain for me but I had no choice due to limited space in my wardrobe.

So, when Her Changing Room contacted me to join their ambassador contest, I was delighted.

In case you are thinking that Her Changing Room is just another typical online fashion store, let me share with you the whole new concept about it! 

"Her changing room is an e-commerce styling company providing a rental subscription service to the trendiest piece of the season"

For the contest, I had to attend a photoshoot with Her Changing Room 

With the other fashionistas

So, how does Her Changing Room work?

First, register for an account at the website!

After filling in the details, you will be required to answer a short questionnaire on your personal style for the stylist of Her Changing Room to know you better!

No worries, signing up is free and there is absolutely no commitments!

After answering the questionnaire, you will be redirected to main site where you can browse through many of the different apparels. 

If a particular apparel caught your eye, you can click on its very own 'like' button. 

Her Changing Room 's fashion stylist will look at your likes to personally style you should you subscribe to them!

Subscription is only by invitation*

Not to worry, HCR understands that we change our fashion style once in a while and hence, we can always remove outfits that we 'liked' before and like new ones! 

Once you're ready to subscribe, you can click on "REQUEST INVITATION" button on the top right hand corner of the website to indicate your interest and HCR will send you your first box! 

In each box, there will be 3 apparels and 2 accessories! 

Subscription price starts at $24.90/week(5 working days) and $79.90/month!

Once you are a subscriber,  your HCR Box will be delivered within 3 working days. After you are done with your box, just go to your account and click on the 'Ready for collection' button. The old box will then be exchanged for a new one!

You can do this as many times as you want for the whole period of subscription! 

Two way Free shipping is also provided!!

Here are the three apparels in my first box:

Leather Trim Dress by Donya Vogue

If you really really adore a piece of clothing, you can also purchase it from the website.

A brand new piece will be sent to you in the next delivery. This way, you can be sure that the piece really suits you because you get to try it already.

Furthermore, by being a subscriber, you get to purchase the clothings at a special rate! Take for example this leather trim dress, by being a subscriber, you get to $8 off the original price! 

My second piece from the box would be this Flos Fiona Two Piece Set by Raviezra! 

I styled this piece with a sparkly gemstone cuff found in the box!

My last piece of clothing in the first box would be Sixth Avenir Arctic Bermudas by HCR!
This piece goes well with the white blouses in my wardrobe and is a piece that is suitable for both play and school! 

Even though I had the box for only about 4 days, I managed to wear this piece out twice to USS and school!

Then, I returned my first box in exchange for my second one!

At this point, you must be thinking, am I wearing clothes that others have worn and is it hygienic? 

Technically, you are wearing clothes that others have worn but not to worry, each piece is sent to thorough cleaning plus disinfection and are checked thoroughly before being sent out! 

This time, some of the pieces I received are: 

Breezy Summer Floral DressVintage La Vie En Rose TopFloral with Crochet Detailing Crop Cami by Raviezra.

Breezy Summer Floral Dress

If you've been following me, you would know that I absolutely adore floral pieces.
Florals are something that will never go out of trend and are always on top of the fashion trends!

Hence, I was elated when I receieved my box! 

With HerChangingRoom, choosing my everyday outfit takes lesser than a minute everyday now because I'm not afraid of wearing the same outfit and only have to choose beween 3 apparels each time. The fast delivery also made the whole exchanging process convenient and hassle free! 

Vintage La Vie En Rose Top

HCR also collaborates with various other brands to give the subscribers the best experience!
Some of the brands that are currently collaborating with HCR are: 
·      Eureka Jewellery
·      Sovelle
·      Vivianlly
·      Raveizra
·      Style Bliss
·      Matcha 5
·      Eshopaholic
·      HerChangingRoom

There are also several more stores pending to be in collaboration and there will soon be more and more variety of apparels! 

Featuring:  Clover Leave statement necklace (Off- White) and Vintage Floral bangle

During the entire period of subscription, there is no limit to how many boxes you can receive! 
I've received my first box on 14th August, and today, 22nd August, I'm receiving my third box already!

Stay tuned on my Instagram or Facebook  for more updates on my subsequent boxes from Her Changing Room 

HerChangingRoom website:

Facebook: HerChangingRoom

Thanks for reading! 

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