Sunday, September 6, 2015

MAD Cafe

Since young, I've always enjoyed drawing but I do not know how to appreciate them. 
However, as time passes, I start to appreciate drawings and all other kinds of art pieces more because every single piece of artpiece is created to express an important feeling or idea. 

About two weeks ago, Monice invited Vivian and I to the Musuem of Art and Design (MAD) for food tasting.

The Museum of Art & Design, or MAD in short, was started in 2009 with the sole purpose of promoting and making art and design accessible to everyone.

We arrived at the location about an hour earlier and hence, we headed explore the second storey where the artpieces are located at. 

One of my favourite artpieces over there was this white tiger because the painting was so realistic. I was really amazed by the artist as he/she blended the colors so well that the picture looked like a photograph.

Museum of Art and Design (MAD) is centered greatly on making art accessible to the masses; educating, exciting and extending the world of art to people from all walks of life.

Hence, anyone can enter and view the artpieces in the museum!

Some photos of how the different rooms of the museum looked like.


Other than just artworks, MAD also has a cigar and whisky bar.

Cigar and Whisky bar
Enjoy smokes and premium whisky at the bar’s settings that exudes both strong sophistication and a relaxed air of old world charm. The bar is an ideal venue for an informal get together and a great night out with friends and close associates.

After all the photo taking, lunch was finally ready at the museum's cafe.

The Museum’s cafè offers a carefully curated rang of tasty bites that can be enjoyed in the midst of beautiful art pieces and furnishings. Set against the gallery’s minimalistic and modern dècor, the cafè is an ideal venue for the next corporate luncheon or birthday celebration. The cafè space can also be extended into the galley’s outdoor Sculpture Garden to add a lovely al fresco feature to engagement parties and exquisite dinners.

Menu of MAD Bistro
Here are some of the dishes served that day:
Perfect Wagyu Beef Burger ($25)
Rate: 4/5
The sunny side up was really well done and the beef was juicy. The fries, however, could have been more crispy!
Cubed Ribeye ($30)
Rate: 4.2/5
Meat was coated with a rich blend of mushroom infused sauce. Worth a try!
Hawaiian Don ($20)
Rating: 3.3/5
A dish whereby pan-seared Wagyu beef Pattie was served together with rice, egg and homemade brown sauce. 

I would prefer the beef from the wagyu beef burger instead instead of this though!

Chunky Maguro Carpaccio ($24)
Rating: 2.8/5
Thinly sliced pan-seared tuna served with shredded daikon, crispy garlic chips and wafu dressing. The combination was a little weird for my liking and I didn't really fancied the tuna as much as I thought I would be.
Hotate Mentaiko ($24) 
Rating: 4/5
Rich and luscious melted roe is lacquered over the fat and juicy scallops that rests above mesclun leafs. This was a pleasant dish as the melted roe really complemented the scallops.

Wasabi prawns ($18)

Savoury prawns topped with rich wasabi sauce and refreshing watermelon.

I ate two pieces and I reckon the best way to enjoy this dish is to eat the whole prawn, together with the watermelon in a bite so you can truly enjoy the richness of the sauce topped with the refreshing taste of the watermelon. A truly wonderful combination!

In conclusion, if you're looking for a more sophisticated and exquisite dining place, you might want to try out MAD Museum. Even though the price for food is slightly steep, the artworks over at the museum will be worth it. 



10 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247908

Tel: +65 6734 5688
Fax: +65 6734 0688

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