Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Rise Hair Studio

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Time to say goodbye to boring plain hair!!

If you've been following me on social media, you would have known that I bleached my hair recently!

New year new beginning, so I guess this is one of the biggest changes I did this year!

According to contrary's believe, people always say that bleaching will cause damage to your hair and more...

BUT, this is definitely not true if your hair is placed under good hands!!

So, let me introduce you all to Rise Hair Studio!

Did my hair for four hours and in between I feel asleep :p
Guess who is excited
And after two rounds of bleaching and three hair dyes

With Agassi- Korean Director Stylist with over 2 Decades of experience in Korea!
From zero to hero!! 
Note: I left the styling up to Agassi totally as I wanted purple but he said that it would be too damaging so I told him to do something else that will make me look better:) 

Boy, I like my hair a lot!! 

Going back to my first point, my hair was really in good hands because it did not feel rough or brittle afterwards!

Hair colour is true to the pics below, not the one above above because of my camera's white balance settings! 

Bet you can't tell but my hair is much shorter and managable already! 

Love how the styling added volume to my head because my hair always appear so flat!

Agassi told me that if I really want purple, I can do hair manicure next time after my hair colour really sets in. 

Yup, hair manicure! Bet you all only heard of nails manicure right!

Its a rather novel treatment that is deeply conditioning and will provide extra shine for your hair! 

At Rise salon, they use quality dyes and bleach so I'm happy that my hair didn't smell like ammonia the next day.I remember once I dyed my hair at home and the smell lasted for three whole days:(

Heres the price list for Rise Hair Studio!

Now for my readers, Rise have an exclusive promotion! Simply quote "ChristyNg" and you will get 20% off all original priced hair services!

For bookings/enquiries : 87141744

Rise is currently having a perm/reborn promotion as well!

Rise hair Studio:
12 Gemmil Lane Singapore 069252 (Telok Ayer/Chinatown Station)

Rise's Instagram Account: @Risehair

For bookings/enquiries:

Thanks for reading and remember to quote "ChristyNg" to achieve your beautiful hair <3

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