Thursday, February 12, 2015


It's been kind of long since I wrote a personal post. Its like past 1 am now but I'm really in the mood to blog because if I'm out of the mood, nothing can get me to pen down my current thoughts again. Plus, I have super short term memory so I'll probably forget more than half of my intended content.

Been thinking a lot nowadays and I am thankful for everything in my life now. Like really thankful(sorry for my lack of vocab and inability to show gratitude.)

One incident that made me felt this way was due to some school event. I'm in the logistics team for an upcoming event and somehow, being in it make me realise how much effort people put in backstage.

Its like, things we take for granted usually/won't give second thoughts to actually require so much effort.

I'm supposed to source for quotes for token of appreciations such as acrylic plaques.

To me, it is just another piece of plastic that has names printed on it, so I was expecting the plaques to cost only a few dollars per piece. So, when quotations were given to me, I was very shocked to have quotations from the first company ranging from $50 to $92 per piece.
It made me felt so inferior, like I did not have any exposure to the real market out there and I felt naive for taking things for granted/expecting things to happen on their own.

Afterwards, I only got quite reasonable quotations after my forth sourcing and each piece is still over $10 lol. Idk why I'm talking about those pieces of plastic now but it really affected my thinking by quite a bit.

Guess I'll post some photos because wordy blogposts are boring(jk I just wanna show my face)

Headed to Klarity event last Saturday with Debbie, Vivian and Candy! After the event, we went to take some photos! 
I think I must have been crazy to want to stand up in that photo because I did not dared to move at all lol.

I always had this impression that my fear of heights was cured due to work previously (had to climb ladders for clothes) but nope, the fear is still there.

Photo with a less stiff face because I am about 300% less frightened. To add on, Vivian actually wanted to find strangers who looked like they can take good photographs to help us take some shots LOL so mahfan:p
Then she judged me because I only wanted to find random strangers :(
So, after we finished taking photos, we headed to the Cathay to meet Monice for dinner! Saw this super cute dog on our way there and we asked to take some photos with it. [even though we are late alr sorry Monice:( ]

Apparently the dog super anal and kept looking away from the camera :@
Then every time Debbie move to an angle so that the camera will face its face, it will turn away.
Mingxing dog so dapai :(

But finally!!
My heart cannot take its cuteness
Had a really great evening that sat just chilling and talking about all sort of things with my girls. Never thought that I would meet such nice friends from events!
I'm still feeling blessed :)

The lighting was good outside Cathay so I guess this calls for selfies.

#throwback to another event.

I think fate is damn scary because what is meant to be yours will be yours...

Like for example below..

Reached the event venue super early (bout 1.5hrs earlier) with Viv then we sat at a nearby coffeeshop to study. I saw this man carrying a super duper huge bunch of golden and black balloons and I really wanted to go up to him and ask for a photo but then I had no guts so..
I can only watch the person walk away.
But hey guess what. The balloons the man were holding ended up being decorations for the event venue. So I still got my balloons hehe.

Then next, is probably one of the best thing that happened to me this year(for now).

I got my phone back!! Ok this might sound super boring if you follow me on twitter cause I've already announced my happiness many times and annoyed maybe more than half of my followers.

But to me, its like a miracle because I already lost hopes of getting it back since it was already missing for about 11 months.

back to mama:)
Fortunately for me, the person who took the phone in March lost it again in Nov'14 at a church. Somebody found the phone and handed it over to the authorities which kept it till three days ago when Faith (the person who returned the phone) requested for the phone because she wanted to send it to Mission field missionary!

She switched on my phone and thankfully connected it to wifi.

So... "Find my iPhone" actually worked and sent her a message and asked her to call my brother..
Then afterwards, she contacted me and even dropped by Dover to pass it to me!! 好人!!!


Anyw, as mentioned above, I headed to Klarity event last sat! Received a nice goodie bag from them consisting of their hot selling Klarity™ Lasertox™ CC Miracle white lotion as well as their Klarity™ Lasertox™ Slim Up Mask! Have yet to try their mask but I've tried their CC lotion and I loved it!
Been wearing the CC lotion for the past four days to school and the main differences I noticed was that my pores appeared more refined and had a healthier glow than before. Lastly, I can replace my sunscreen with this which is even better because of the added benefits:

  • whitening
  • purifying
  • repair
  • firming
  • smooth
  • soothe
  • hydrate 
  • tone
  • anti-ageing
  • waterproof

I have a habit of washing my face with water before applying anything onto it. But somehow, the blending of the cream is quite a chore because it does not blend very well when the face is slightly damp.

However, its super convenient to use because it does not contain any colorant so no makeup remover is needed at night!!

Gonna finish my sample soon and I think I'm gonna buy a full sized bottle for myself :D

And to be honest, this is the second time in my life that I'll actually purchase a product after trying out its product sample.

I guess its not fun when only I get to try out the cream!

Klarity has kindly offered my readers 20% off all products from their webstore: when you quote "greyheli20" at checkout!

Can't wait to try out their Slim face mask and share the results with you all!

Thanks for reading and goodnight <3

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