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Ready for 2015 X Pixaroll

Reading my 2013's blogpost I realised that at the bottom, I only stated one new year resolution.

"to get into a JC and study hard!"

Obviously. That did not come true. But it was by choice and not because I did not work hard.

On 17 January, I wrote in my diary "Hope I don't regret it. But I guess, even if I regretted, I don't mind cause I will still try my best." Thank god I have not regretted any part of this choice yet but I'm not giving my best so I will work on it next year.

I remember making another resolution while I was watching the fireworks at 00:00 1st Jan this year. Again, I did not succeed in it even though I'm about halfway there already (I hope).

A few improvements that I've made this year for my blog is definitely the photo quality. Looking back at last year's post, I set the quality every photo to be at its lowest because there is a data storage capacity to post on blogger. But now, I try to use the best photos even though it means that I have to upload every photo to another website first.

Secondly, I think I've became more responsible this year. I am more committed to school work which is what I am "supposed" to do now. (Or at least assumed by everyone)

Thirdly, I am becoming more open minded because I've tried out more things this year, especially this month. Some are good while some are not that great but I guess its okay to make reckless decisions once in a while.

To be honest, I hope that by next year december when I read back this blog post, I will either judge this blog post because my writing style improved tremendously or that I'll be doing great because of this writing style now.

According to tradition, even though it only started last year, I will post some photos to summarise my whole year.

Took more than 12 hours for this blogpost so *warning: its super photo heavy and I look really ugly in some photos:')
Jan 27: 他若爱你,也会爱别人。 所以重要的不是爱上你,而是只爱你一个。重要的不是爱多深,而是能爱到底”

12 January: Ettusais X Closet Lover Makeover
14 Feb - Birthday celebration at Sembawang park
19 Feb- Somerset outing
22 Feb - 4/6 Class Gathering
22 Feb - Scape outing
Lost my phone on 27 Febuary so there are not much photos for January and Feb. Funny how I lost my phone data around this timing last year too :')

10 March- Colleague's last day of work

22 March- USS
28 March- Birthday Celebration @ Admiralty Mac

28-30 march- CLS FOC (Hydra)
31 march- Hydra outing
4 April- FOC bonding day (Hydra)
12 April- Speech Day
Definitely one of the happier moments with my life friend! Really glad that we are able to go through so many ups and downs together in our lives!! :'))))))))
17 April- Apollo Gathering

19 April- My belated birthday celebration
19 April- Ubin trip
3 May- AJC Funfair
4 May- CSCC Social Gathering
13 May-USS
20 May- Dad's birthday

25 May- Zoo
4 June- DPCS 1A02 PTN
5 June- DPCS 1A02 Ice skating
17 June- Outing with Krystal @ Malay Heritage centre
19 June- 4/6 Outing @ Sentosa
23 June- DPCS Bonding day
13 July- KTV with Apollo
15 July- Birthday Surprise for Angeline & Eva @ AJC
17 July- Dominos event(First TIN event)
Really thankful to be able to attend events like this because I've met more friends and they definitely lit up my boring life! 
24 July- Mitju Event

30 July- Campaign Event
4 August- Alicia Birthday Celebration
14 August- Sunday Folks trip
They're probably one of the reasons why poly life is fun!
30 August- Fashion Beach Fesival
3 September- The 7th Cylinder trip
4 September- Teacher's Day Celebration @ RSS
6 September- ACER Camp
10 September- Afterimages Gala Premiere
12 September- Sentosa with Apollo
13 September- CLS Interaction Race
17 September- Bugis + Sukiya Day
26 September- TrickEye Museum
3 October- Halloween Horrors Night @ USS
8 October- Noodle Story Food Tasting
30 October- Wongamania
31 October- Halloween Celebration
6 November- Suddenly Slender Ionithemie Launch
7 November- Catch up with Favourites <3
Blessed to still be in touch even though this is our full force first/only/last meeting of the year!
8 November- Hope In The Dark 
8 November- SDZ Waves
9 October- Food Tasting @ Catch 'N' Bite Westgate
10 November- Mum's Birthday Celebration
19 November- First Piano Performance
6 December- Christmas Night @ USS
8 December- Domino's Christmas Party
13 December- Homecooked Dinner Plus Christmas Celebration
I know posting the above photo with the caption of us having home cooked food is very weird but I would like to share this photo because I've only got to know the people in the photo through a girl who I met on the train. Its like we started talking when I boarded the train and the girl and her friend were about to alight at the next station.
But within that one station distance, we managed to exchange numbers and afterwards, they asked me out and I got to meet more of their friends. Its funny and scary how 缘分 works.
Also, I feel that they are very sincere in treating everyone and I think they will be good friends to keep <3

18 November- Ins Don Food Tasting
19 December- TIN Christmas Party
20 December- Flea @ Lucky Plaza
21 December- KTV Trip
22 December- Vivian's 21st Party
23 December- SAMH Christmas Party
23rd December- Illumi Party
24 December- Christmas Countdown @ Orchard

25 December- Christmas Celebration plus BBQ
25 December- Christmas Celebration With Apollo

26 December- First catwalk practice
I watched this movie recently whereby life is depicted as a bus ride. People board the bus at different points of your life. However, there is always a time when they have to alight and when its time, they leave.

No matter how much we don't want them to leave, they will leave and their next destination is probably not our business any more. Yes, even if we feel sad I guess its alright because we might or might not meet again at the next stop or there might be others waiting to board at the next stop.

One of my weakness is that I'm too afraid of people leaving my life. I try too hard sometimes to let them stay. But its really tiring at times to be the only one trying.

I've spent almost my entire weekends in 2014 working and finally resigned this month. During work, whenever someone is transferred away/ resigned, I will feel very very upset, which is probably another reason why I stayed on to all my jobs for a long time. Because I am too afraid of separation.

Was having a talk with Kw at my void deck the other day and she told me a story of her friend who left her clique so easily. I really envy that friend and hope that one day I can be more like her(not that extreme though) because its probably one of the easier ways to survive in this society!

Resolutions for 2015:

  1. Be Happy.
  2. Exercise more and stop being fat.
  3. Do things less meticulously. I hate how ego and 理智 stops me from doing what I truly want to do at times. I know I need 尊严 to accompany me for the rest of my life but I also hate that feeling of regret which I get after things happened. 
  4. I need to stop stopping those who want to leave from leaving my life. 
  5. Have time for myself.
“我用尽了力气 想要留住你 你却没会意 你的坚决让我不得不放弃”- mascara (烟熏妆)

no point for me to hang on if its not fate right? :)
2015 seems to be looking great and I can't wait to live and enjoy every moment!

To sum up my 2014, Pixaroll have kindly sponsored me 12 square printouts!

I would like to mention that the quality of the sticker is great for its price! ($10 for 12 pieces and $16 for 24 pieces). Its thick and sticky and definitely not flimsy! I chose the matte finishing instead of the glossy one and the texture is really good!

Pixaroll have launched their new look for their app so its much easier to order through the app now!

1.Choose your product

2. Select your photo from camera roll/Instagram
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The stickers are awesome as a collection of your best moments of 2014 and will also make great gifts for Valentine's Day!

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Thanks for reading and have a Happy New Year!! :D 

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