Sunday, January 11, 2015

Insadong Korea Town

Headed to Insadong Korea Town @ Resorts World Sentosa for food tasting about three weeks ago!

Insadong Korea Town offers over 200 types of authentic Korean, Korean-chinese, Korean-Western, Korean-Japanese cuisine and a variety of street food!

Insadong Korea Town is designed to be a replica of the famous Insadong Korea Street, one of the most memorable attractions in Seoul and represents the focal point of Korean traditional cuisine.

Another unique point of Insadong Korea Town is that you get to order your food using a self order kiosk!

After eating, if you want to shop for korean merchandise, accessories or souvenirs, you can do so at their retail carts too!
Retail shops
After exploring the place, dinner was served!!
Kimchi Pancake
The kimchi pancake was my favourite dish of the night because it was flavourful and had crunchy kimchi bits in it!
Ginseng Chicken Soup
Loved the ginseng chicken soup too because it was so thick and creamy!!
I did not want to dirty my hands so I tried to eat my bossam with chopsticks. The in charge of the restaurant came and told me that I was the first person she saw to eat bossam so 温柔-ly LOL. Luckily, they prepared wet tissues so I had no reason not to not enjoy my bossam the right way anymore!

Xiao Long Bao in Kimchi Soup

Watermelon Soju!
This is such a cool way to enjoy watermelons!! (no pun intended)
I would recommend all of you to get this as your drink because it gave me two opposing sensations in a just a mouthful! Refreshing in your mouth yet warm when you swallow it because of the soju!

Selfie while waiting
Have to admit that I got a little impatient halfway because everybody wanted to take photos of the food before eating and I was really excited to try out the food immediately. To be able to see delicious food and not eat them was a little hard for me :p
Pumpkin Spaghetti
Mushroom Beef Bulgogi Hotpot
After cooking and mixing
Beef Bulgogi Baked Rice
We were told to eat mix our baked rice into the hotpot and I kept wondering why such a weird combination.. But it turned out to be a great choice because the rice tasted heavenly!!
Love at first bite!
Red Bean Pancake
Then we were given a J-cone! Started to camwhore with it because everybody seems to do that whenever they get a J-cone :p

Did not really fancy the taste of it though! I prefer the mixed fruit shaved ice much more! 
Mixed Fruits Shaved Ice

It had generous servings of all my favourite fruits and even though I felt super super full already, I still wanted to have more of it! Desserts are super important in my life :DD

Do remember to grab a bowl of it during your visit to Insadong Korea Town!

Insadong Korea Town
26 Sentosa Gateway
Singapore 098138

Thanks for reading :)

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