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Noir Et Blanc X Noodle Story

Haven't been blogging much for the past month and even if I did, its all about events.. which kinda made me feel bad because I created this blog mainly to record down my personal life.. So, today I decided to do a more personal post! One of more major events that happened to me this year was definitely my piano recital on November 19th. It was my first time performing a piano piece in front of a big crowd ever since I started playing piano about 12 years ago.

I remember wanting to learn how to play piano because my brother was learning it as well. So, not wanting to be left out, I started. It was not an easy journey. I wasn't much of a hardworking person who will practise hours everyday and every practice will only last for an hour maximum. Everytime before my piano exams, I will start to panic because my standards are really not there yet. My best and only grade that I got distinction for is only grade 1(laughs), while the rest are just passes/mere merit. I stopped for two years when I was 10-12 years old, mainly because my brother stopped for his PSLE and I did not have a 'competitor'. So, we both continued together when I was 13. I only continued for a short two years because my bro stopped again due to his 'O's. And this time, I did not continue to take lessons anymore.
I did not enjoy playing piano for the sake having grade exams. Its not like I am aiming to be a piano instructor/performer when I grow up so I did not see the point of continuing lessons.

However, when I came to poly, my interest and passion for piano was coming back. The stress of preparing for exams and taking lessons were gone so I truly felt the joy in playing piano.
Hence, I joined piano ensemble. I'm definitely not the best player there but I'm really glad to have joined because I've learnt a lot.

About two/three weeks before the concert, I couldn't play my pieces very well and almost got taken out of the concert. I wasn't reprimanded and instead was encouraged to work harder by my seniors. I was really on the purge of giving up but I'm glad and not regretting that I gave myself another chance.

Before the concert:
With Amelia & Audrey
With Amelia, Audrey & Hannah
With Amelia
With EnTing
With JingKai
With WenXiang
Okay, this photo is taken after the concert but I just wanna put it here because I'm really thankful to JingKai, Wenxiang and Geraldine because all three of them kept encouraging us not to give up, plus came all the way down to the clubroom to open the doors so that we can have more practise time.

With Audrey
And last photo with my partner, Audrey, before the concert starts. Glad to have her as my partner because she was really patient with me every time I wanted to repeat because I played something wrong. I swear its super annoying to cut off halfway to repeat a part because every time my piano teacher did that last time, I raged so badly inside.

Post concert:
So, after the concert, the first person I met was my mama<3

Surprisingly and kinda awkardly, zhikai and clarence were sitting next to her and my and bro even though they don't know each other. And guess who gave my rose to my mum instead of me :@ #IperformOrMyMumPerformSia #Jealousy LOL.
With Clarence
With ZhiKai
With Earth and Rachel
With Embers!! 
With FengCheng
With Weiheng
With my most supportive pri school mates!! 
Can't believe they actually got me a nicely wrapped up broccoli as a prank LOL.
With Eva and Angeline! <3
Great evening!! 
With Jarred

With Ashley
With XiaoQin
Received the most amount of flowers I've ever/will ever receive in my life and I was so so so so touched :'))))
Spent about an hour after reaching home just to take nice shots of them because I was so afraid to see them wither before having nice photos.

Its been a month since the concert and all the flowers have dried up while some were infected by fungi:( Chose the healthier ones and dried them! Now I'm only left with two small bottles.
生命短暂  每一样美好的东西都会有期限 快乐过 就不会有遗憾 因为或许这就是缘分 
But now it means I have more props to take photos hehe! Heres a photo of the flower with Jenny Cookies that Guoliang got for me when he went to HongKong :>

Shall end it off here! Still thankful and appreciative to everyone who took time and money to come!
#blessed (hash-tagging even though hashtags don't work because I think its the best way to express my thoughts)

Rest of the photos taken that night here: :)

Went to Amoy street food centre in October with Vivian to try out A Noodle Story!!

A Noodle Story
7 Maxwell Road, Singapore 069111 
(Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar)
Mon - Fri : 10am - 7.30pm 
Closed on Weekends & Public holidays

Its the first and only Singapore style ramen around and really worth a try! $5.50 only for a bowl of happiness!! I loved the cha-su so much because it was so tender and well flavoured! The hot spring egg was my second favourite and its yolk is so smooth and yummy I cannot help but crave for it rn :DD

Heres their official website : and from the comments below you can see that all their customers have nothing but only praises for the noodles!!

Thanks for reading!! <3

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