Monday, December 22, 2014

Domino's Christmas Party

No idea why but this year I'm really excited for christmas because of the fun parties! Attended Domino's christmas party two mondays ago! I was contemplating whether to go or not initially because the party was set to be on my first day of exams.

So after much contemplating, I decided to go since its only a two hours party!
Met with Vivian in school before we set off to Dominos@Kovan together!

Credit: TheInfluencerNetwork
With William
All goodness in a photo
Merry Christmas!

My photo was printed out instantly and placed in a pretty frame as a memento!

With Tricia
We were given time to write christmas cards for the person sitting on our lefts!
For Racia from Christine with love 
Then it was time for our christmas FEAST!! I'm really in love with their classified chicken pizza omg! 

Other than just good food, Dominos also organised games for us and one of it was to come up with the most beautifully decorated christmas tree! Proud to be in the Great Value team!!
Great Value team with our winning mascot! 
We also won the Christmas cheer game! Here's the cheer we came up with if you are interested!

"Dominos dominos I love dominos
All Pizzas you buy from us 50% off HEY!
Dominos dominos domi all the way
All it takes is 15 mins get your pizza hey!
Thank you"
(sing it to Jingle Bells tune)

One big family <3
Lastly, to thank all supporting customers for a great 2014, Domino's came up with a SUPER WORTH IT promotion!!
They are having 50% OFF ALL PIZZAS from 1st December 2014 till 11th January 2015! (For take away or dine-in only)

Lastly, let me introduce you to Domino's SG app where you can have GPS(Great Pizza Service) Tracker for online ordering!!

Domino's Pizza retains no GST and zero delivery charges! So what are you waiting for now? Order your pizza @ now!

Thanks for reading!!

Will update with a personal post in the next entry! Do stay tune:) 

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