Friday, November 28, 2014

How I celebrate Halloween part 2&3

The first time I ever started celebrating Halloween was probably last year. Can't really say that I'm THAT into it but I celebrated it three times this year! Its probably the only fun event after chinese new year this year.
For my first celebration, I headed to USS Halloween Horrors Night IV with a group of friends! Heres the link if you haven't read it!

I signed up for my school's Halloween Game Master this year.
Couldn't go for the trainings as I had other commitments so I was assigned the makeup artist role initially. Had quite a lot of fun putting on makeup for people and halfway I got kinda bored and drew kinda too thick eyebrows for some :p

But of course, to be able to join as a GM would be more fun! Luckily, they needed more scarers so I became a witch!

Didn't bring my camera that day hence I do not have that much photos.
All photos below are credited to Lixuan & Jiajing.

Definitely had a great time that night scaring and screaming at people :p

As for my third celebration, we went Trick 'O' Treating!
Here are some photos of the cute and halloween themed food that night.
Pumpkin Cupcake

Tombstone cheesecake
Didn't dress up in contrast to last year whereby I spent hours trying to put on my witch makeup. Just wore a witch hat and that's it! I think that is one symptom of me growing old and losing all my fun :(

Here's a link to last year's post anyway:

I really liked the feel The Woodgrove had. Some houses were really so effortfully decorated! Plus most of the people there dressed up really nicely. I even saw a girl dress up as Elsa from frozen.

I think for that night, only Kiantat and I were more "serious" in going trick 'o' treating because we forever young. 😌😌😌

One of the house which has a ghost on the balcony. It was so real that at about 12am when we were about to go home, I saw its hands move due to the wind and it freaked me out quite a little. 😥 Mainly because the roads have cleared and it was already very quiet.

Another very wonderfully decorated house was that the owner actually put a mannequin/real person at the lift and it kept going up and down, giving the illusion of the "ghost" floating around. No photos because it was too far away.

Probably didn't put in my best effort to dress up that day but I definitely enjoyed myself!

Thanks for reading this short update! <3

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