Saturday, October 18, 2014

How I celebrate Halloween

It's kinda sad how Singapore does not celebrate Halloween on a big scale so I was super excited for Halloween Horror's Night 4 this year!

The initial plan was to go there with Krystal only but we joined Glenna, Nicole, Shun Hui, YuXian and WeiKian there because it seemed too scary for only two of us. Plus its always the more the merrier! ^^
group photo
I really liked the ambience at 7.30-7.50pm, whereby everybody was crowded at the entry point of USS, watching the Live broadcasted "news" on how the place was being attacked to kick start the night. It really had the Halloween feel which we could not get elsewhere in Singapore. I would suggest all those who are going to arrive on time to watch it. It was quite worth it despite the huge crowd.

Saw a super pretty nurse so I decided to take a photo of her. Sadly, my camera's noise level was too high under night lightings:( 
Brain Juice anyone?
We went to 1 haunted house(The Lab) and about 3 scare zones that night. The haunted house was quite alright at first because there were many people and hence, I did not feel as scared. However, in the middle, we were separated from the crowd and that was when I started feeling a little frightened.

Heres a little tip I realised.. If you are scared, try to appear alright so the scarers won't bother scaring you more :p

Love this group photo cause the girls look so funny with the hands on the leg and the guys so act fierce HAHAH.
We were tired from walking hence we settled down at the fast food stall. While eating, there were some scare actors running around outside the stall to pose. I think this idea is really cool because the halloween feel don't stop even when we were eating!

The Jack's Circus show is a must watch because the performers were really skilled and the show was so thrilling throughout! The performers must have worked super hard for it, especially the skaters! I've uploaded a short Vlog about my halloween Night so do view and subscribe!

Great Night
It was a really awesome night and I think everyone should go USS Horror Night at least once :))

Thanks for reading! Heres some tips if you want to know more about Halloween Horrors Night 4: and you can buy your tickets here!

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