Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Are you a huge seafood lover? Because I am!!
Prawns and crabs are my favourite seafood but I really hate it when I have to de-shell them :<

Catch ‘N BiteA takeaway store situated in Westgate Mall. The friendly sandwich store specialises in seafood sandwiches, bento sets and tapas using the finest ingredients. It all started off when there was an absence of an affordable and fuss-free way to enjoy seafood. Henceforth, Catch ‘N Bite birthed forth. 

I was really excited when TIN invited me to try out Catch 'N' Bite because they have soft shell crabs as their signature dish!! I've never eaten one before so it seemed quite impossible to me at first. How is it that we can eat crabs with their shells(Even if they are soft)?

Here's their exciting menu! All of the dishes are very affordable for quality seafood!

Some of their best dishes. Just look at that crab yumm!

12 different seafood tarts!

I ordered Crunchin' Crab sandwich, Sour Cream Salmon tart and fried shrimps to start off.
I was pleasantly surprised because the middle of the crab was really juicy and the meat was so delicate. I didn't expect so much crabmeat in my burger because it only cost $8.90 and it just seemed too cheap for a real crab!!
Bento Set

Crunchin' Crab Sandwich
The tarts were really delicious and I ordered second servings! Had Mango Chutney Shrimp and Lobster Ebiko tarts.
Out of all three, I would suggest you all to try the Mango Chutney Shrimp one because the taste is really unique!
Sour Cream Salmon Tart

Wanted to try out their highly raved clam soup which are made of real lobster stock and no MSG but they were out of stock when I ordered. :((

Met Bernice and her friend, Cassandra that day too <3

William and Dennis
Lastly, best thing about Catch 'N' Bite is that they are halal certified! :D All of us can enjoy now great seafood!!

Now, special treat for my readers! CatchNBite has kindly offered all my readers a FREE Egg Mayo Ebiko Tart when you all quote "ChristineCatchNBite" upon purchase of any sandwich from the menu!  

Shall end off this post with my selfie cause there seemed to be none in this post hehehe.
Thanks for reading <3

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