Friday, April 19, 2013


So this post will be about... Bugis again LOL.
Went to chic fashionista flea last sat! So thankful for the VIP pass cause I reached at about 4.59 :B
Was able to enter the flea at 5.15 cause it started late! Got a few clothes and I'm super happy cause they're cheaper than market :D
Watched the fashion show there too.
Shauna was super pretty irl omg! but i only got a photo of Deborah! 

Then after the flea, we walked around and went home!

Took a few photos of my outfit that day but my face look quite stupid and like a potato so I shall not post it.

As for sun, went to Bugis again!
This time, I did not walk at Jalan Kledek but at Bugis streets! After walking a while, Taffy and I got bored and we decided to go to Haji lane! We got lost and ended up at Arab street instead. The place was really nice and vintage so we took a few ootd photos!^^
Okay.. Shall let the photos do the talking for now!


at bugis street

I like lampposts :B

with Taffy

looking surprised though idk why

Okay, so I shall stop here now! There's speech day tomorrow so I'll upload the syf photos together with the photos on tomorrow or sunday bah! 

thanks for reading! ^^

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