Saturday, May 19, 2012


Today went to work at 8. Was quite moody in the morning but I'm not sure why myself . But I know I quite unfriendly . Heehee ps if I ignored anybody who talked to me .

Then around 12 Eva came to find me cause I accidentally took her handbook home . Worked until 3 . Planned to go Jasmine house with Zihuan de but I was lazy and my mama never pick up her phone . But anyw , I pre-ordered the set of hello kitties Mcdonalds is selling :> But I only received one cause the other three haven come out . Heehee thmm cute <3 *melt*

Heehee cute right ?
From left to right :
Grimace, Birdie , Ronald , Hambuglar . 

Heehee , anyw , this is how my toe nails look like now (:

K i know very boring that all my posts for now is about nails but I don't care :P

This is how much i love my nails <3
              K I know quite less but don't judge . haha
k super random photo :P

Gonna go out tonight with family to eat (:  Tmr my dad's birthday ! Shall buy him a gift tmr  ~
Shall go update my blogshop for now , support lei :
I have puffy cheeks

and can easily fake smiles <:

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