Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kiddy palace

Been working these few days then no time to update blog :(
Went to expo on saturday and bought this Fujifilm Camera  (Fx-JV250)  at $299 .
So happy ! Finally got a camera (:

Heeehee , working at Kiddy palace thmm slack . But only these two week :(
after that no more !
Somemore no need to wear uniform (uniform haven come)
Been sick these few days and my throat was really sore :O
Lucky i can still speak !
Some photos taken :
Getting ready for first day of work :P


on the way to work (:

going to break 

going to eat yong tau foooooo  :D

Spider man car beside the booth 

slacking at work :P

second day !

Messy hair D:
 Third day of work ! :D
Preparing ! 

Bought this from cotton on today ! (:

And this ! thmm nice i like :D

Bought this on impulse cause it was the last stock but since i like it then nvrm XD
Then today Jasmine and Doris came to northpoint to see me work . At first Jasmine brought a toy car to me then say she wann to buy then i thought she was serious ! Haha ! 

Tomorrow meeting ms tan for meet the parents , hope my results not too shitty !
 After that have to attend choir , which i'm not sure whether i'm looking forward to or not :/ Quite sian to go back sch during the hols :( 
In between have to attend mother tongue oral practice . 
After that , I go home , still have to prepare for work !  D: 
Thmm busy so will have no time to blog :(

anyway , will upload a new preorder on my blogshop soon .  
Sneak peak :
K spent quite a lot of time for this post k , so don't judge all the photos ! HAHAH

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