Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A smile can change everything

Heehee short post before I go eat dinner (:

Today third last day of school ! :D Then in the morning had P.E but was dental checkup (:
Need to go for trimming but other than that my teeth still okay (: Then during recess , did my file and ate for 10 mins only . During maths my phlegm got a bit of blood and I coughed super violently . Didnt wanted to attend choir but I still went . After choir went to play basketball with Sandra , Kelly , Yonggi , Ivan , Jun wei , Vincent , Jaren , Yao Wen and Yuan Xiang . Quite fun uh although I didnt really ran cause I quite tired and my lung quite painful . Then at the nearby block got one person keep taking photo -.-
After we play basketball , Yonggi went to fetch her brother , then kelly went to 883. After that me , sandra and ivan go 845 playground . We slack until about 6.50 then went home ~

Taken during choir (:

To you : 

A smile can change everything . I really liked the way you smiled today . Cleared all the awkwardness  (:

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