Friday, May 18, 2012

Back to blogging !

Omg so long never post anything already !
Finally free to post now :D

Today got back chem results . Quite disappointed cause I studied quite hard for it (?)
Then during physics we did filing , which was good cause it cannot fall asleep haha.
Then after school went to PCF with jasmine , peggy , eva , alicia , win soon , qi tai and min hui.
It was surprisingly fun even though I don't really like kids . Got one stuck out his tongue at win soon. Thmm funny I swear . Didn't regret going cause I saw Krystal at there , her school got PCF also (:
Then after that went to buy bubble tea and went home to put my bag . Then me and Jasmine went to SSC. On the bus got one guy quite bastard . He look thmm bu shuang when an old lady sat beside him .
But anyw , reached SSC then went to daiso , expected ! HAHA . Bought 6 and half item cause shared the thing with jasmine . I quite like what I bought there cause all came in handy . Haha , love the socks ttm cause its thmm cute although its quite hot when worn .
After we left daiso , We saw a sale outside which sold loads of nail polishes . Then we practically went crazy . I bought the O.P.I ' best of the best ' mini set , and 'A grape fit !' and the silver hologram top coat by northern lights . Although after that i quite xin tong but nvrm cause I love them !

Contains : Alphine Snow
Bubble bath
Tickle My France-y
Strawberry Margarita
Cajun Shrimp
Big Apple Red
I'm Not Really A Waitress
You Don't Know Jacques!
Russian Navy
Lincoln Park After Dark

A Grape Fit ! 

After that I went home on the SSC shuttle bus . Sat beside a girl cause no space and Jasmine not with me . Then her friends thmm shitty I swear . Keep tease her and its her birthday ! Walao , really thmm annoyed cause one of them mistook me for her then poke me -.-
After that I went causeway then went home . Watched tv all the way . Kinda love my life hahaha !

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