Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Omg been so busy this week hardly had any time to sleep :(
Went to Scape Last sat with Jiajun , YongTing and Krystal .  Bought a pair of leather shorts there and guess what ! Its from Julia ! So long nvr see her omg . Also saw debbie there <:

Lazy rotate uh !

Lazy rotate also :/

Then After that , went to bugis then woodlands centre and homed ! <:

On sun , went to Jasmine house then did the eng project , ss project and math portfolio , finished earlier than expected <:


I <3 U
NZ - Good for u if u know what issit :P

As for ytd , I went to the choir farewell although there's only 10 ppl LOL .

 Never take until any photos with Sandra or kelly :(  cause they were at the toilet when i taking . Nvrm next time !
After that , went to arcade then shopshop a while and homed then to work.
 First time working in causeway , at first the ppl there quite guailan make me very no mood but after a while , they got better i guess :/

As for today , went for the hygiene course !Quite scary at first cause two guys were sent out due to their attitude ! But after that okay uh  , had a mcq assessment , but i think i fared quite badly for the 48 questions.

Uploaded two youtube videos recently ! :D
Pls subscribe after watching ! Enjoyyy !


Older photos i found in my camera ! 

Metallic nail polish !

HAHA all the work photos

 past by all this in the car , found them nice and took thmm down . Ok quite suagu but nvrm la, testing camera ma :D

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