Monday, September 7, 2015

Cash Back at ShopBack

Ever wonder why some people apply for many many credit cards even if they don't use them often?
This is because some shops offer cashback/rebates for a particular credit card at different promotional periods.

However, reality is, not all stores have such promotions and not all of us apply for so many credit cards.

If only the shops offer cashback directly for any payment modes, how great would that be!

Not to fret, I'm here to introduce ShopBack to you!

"ShopBack is a cashback site that pays you for shopping with more than 500 of their merchant stores. They are also currently the top cashback site in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines."

By purchasing your goods through ShopBack, you get to get different rebates for different brands. 

Even popular brands such as TaoBao , Groupon are available for up to 10.0 % rebate!

So, how is Shopback able to provide us with discount even though we're purchasing from the popular online stores? 

Here's a photo and video explaining the concept of Shopback

Other than these bringing you goods from these popular stores, you can also shop from many different categories of goods like Fashion, health and beauty, bakery, fresh produce and more on Shopback!

Offering 9.0% CashBack, Redmart is one of the great subshops on Shopback where you can shop for a great variety of groceries or home essentials. Now you'll be able to shop for fresh groceries without having all the hassle.

For a limited period, type in "SaveTenNow" to get $10 off your purchase (Minimum $30), which is like a whopping 33% off! 

I've browsed through the different products of Redmart on Shopback and I'm excited to share that their Sales section offers goods at really competitive prices. Here are some of the products on sale currently.

Being a great lover of Matcha, I was delighted when so many matcha products that I don't usually find at supermarkets came up in the search!

Lastly, on 9th of September, Shopback will be having a Massive 99 Online Sale!

It is going to be an upsized cashback deal for only 24 hours!!

Faster grab your cashbacks at ShopBack now!

Thanks for reading :)

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