Friday, November 7, 2014


Ever wished that you can control the economy? Ever thought of doing business? Ever wondered how the economy in the 'real world' is like?
Well, if your answer is yes to any of the questions above, you will definitely love Wongamania!

So... what is Wongamania?

"Wongamania is a fast paced card game that captures the exhilarating experience of the financial markets…with no time wasted on boring numbers! 
Wonga is a British slang for money and the origin of the word can be traced to ancient Roman period. Mania stands for an abnormally elevated arousal energy level. So if you put them together, it stands for "Money Mania" or "Excited Money". In any case, Wongamania sounds much cooler than Moneymania anyway."

Was invited down to Cafe Pal by TIN & Capital Gains to join the other bloggers for a game of Wongamania.

To be honest, I was quite skeptical about the game at first. I thought it would be just like the other financial games out in the market whereby you just buy and sell properties to earn money and never know when is the exact time to announce one as a winner.

For Wongamania, you win when you exchange 24 Wongas for 3 trust funds. Sounds easy? Trust me, it is not.
You also get to purchase stocks and properties just like any other financial games. However, what makes Wongamania stand out is that there is a constantly changing economic cycle. Your properties and stocks will actually cause you to lose money when you own them during the recession and recovery period. Do remember to sell them off before that happens! 
Credits: The Influencer Network

During the game, I had two trust funds already and will win when my next turn comes.... 

But just like in real life, success is never easy. When I was found to be near winning, I suddenly became everybody's target! Power ups were used which turned the economy from growth to recession. All my properties became a burden and I turned bankrupt at my next turn. 

At any point of life, we might face financial difficulties as the economy is always changing. e.g. One day the stock prices could be sky high but it can also drop at the very next moment. 

Side track a bit.. all the bloggers present that day studied business except for me so I must step and talk a bit on stocks above to feel wiser yay
Think I look wiser here too

With Monice   Cr: The Influener Network

Really thankful to be invited to this fun event which was filled with laughter and excitements!
My mindset of how financial games are boring is also greatly changed!!
I was given a set of limited edition WongaMania which I cannot wait to share with my friends!

If you are interested in WongaMania, it will be officially launched on 7 Dec 2014 with an estimated sale price of SGD$38.
Definitely a worth it investment to experience the real world economy!

Thanks for reading! 

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