Saturday, May 10, 2014

Busy times

I'm finally back to blogging after about a month! 
I've been so busy in school and work that I don't seem to be able to find time to blog. Even if I have free time, all I want to do is just lie down on my bed and nua..
I'll be blogging about my Ubin trip in this post!
Planned to go Ubin with wenyi, Kwan Wei, junyuan and shunhui since about half a year ago but we never did it cause all of us were so busy. But finally, three saturdays ago, we headed there!
Before heading to Ubin, they celebrated my belated birthday for me<3


my M'n'M ice cream cake yay

Then we headed to Tanahmerah ferry terminal..
And it turns out that we were at the wrong terminal because this terminal doesn't bring us to Ubin:(

and so, we ended up cabbing to change point ferry terminal


Saw a grasshopper on the floor and I decided to take a level 1000 selfie! But .. about half of my face was out of the photo cause I didn't dared to go anymore closer.

The signage told me to stay behind the railings so I had to go through all the trouble to go behind :')

group photo yay!

With Junyuan

With Wenyi

With Kwan Wei plus photobomber

With ShunHui

stepcool 101 yay


Took about 5 mins to take this shot below cause it was so hard to align our hands and legs.


we are xiaoahlianszxc123xoxo and xiaoahbengs123coolkids97 LOLOL

I looked so happy in this photo but it is all a lie cause I was so afraid of dropping into the waters:(

Then this one got like 1% 那些年 feel I think.. 

Sometimes blogging feels quite hard for me cause I wanna put in emojis but I can't:( Its like the symbols cannot express my feelings at all :(

I can(not) jump! 
Jump shot- which I failed quite obviously.
Yellow bokehhhhh

That's all for my Ubin trip I guess! Can't wait to go there the next time! It was a really great day:D

Met up with Krystal and Yongting last week for a short while! 

Ootd- floral romper
I have quite a few outfit photos left so I think I'll post them in the next few posts:) 

Thanks for reading:))

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