Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Room Makeover + updates

Didnt really update much previously as it was exams week.
Got back all the results , some was quite unexpected . Didnt really studied much this common test and expected  to fail to subjects but fortunately , all passed <3 
Was quite disappointed in physics , got 23.5 /40 , almost close to a fail alr -.-  
then chinese , 57/100 . Dont really know whether I should continue to take hmt or not. so stressed with everything .
Term 3 is like coming to an end , and I can remember the day when june holidays just ended . this term pass by so fast .
Have not done a lot of homework this term , especially maths . Homework that i'm supposed to pass up like 2 weeks ago i just finish ytd and the teacher don't even want to collect alr. Then still got chapter 10 which i intend to hand in next term . I've always made plans each term to do my homework properly , then each time I'll fail . And during exam times , I'll be like : why did i waste so much time  ?  But then the cycle always repeats and I'm just forever so lazy

Haissh , shall stop talking about exams now cause the good news is....  

my wardrobe finally came on 17 aug !!
picture of my super messy room last year
 then i painted it (: and pasted the wall sticker (: and new curtains

Pinkk !

Then I started on my savings plan and finally got to buy a bedroom furniture set :DDDDD


 And bacially used the wardrobe as a room divider , one side is bedroom and the other side is closet !

 Nice ? :b

 okayy , then went out with Yongting and Jiajun after work on 18 aug to buy skin therapy oil . It works cause now my scar smaller (xiaoyan say de :D )
Bought two bottles cause got discount LOL.
Wanted to buy the scar serum at first but then too ex alr :(

 Then we went shopping around then in the end we met with binghong and anyyang and went to mac.

 Ohh ya and i cut my fringe that day :D

outfit of the day !

okay end of updates , but please come to scape this sat , 1st sept k ! Will be selling some instocks there . Photos ( of what i'm selling.)

Anyway , i realised that nowadays i seem to drift away from everybody. But i dont really care . Everybody is fake. All just 利用 here 利用 there . One minute they gossip about each other , next min they are best friends ?  or just that they dont truly care much , and they just want you to help them with something . what to do ? This is life . Ah well , shall go get ready for school !

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