Friday, August 3, 2012


heehee long time no post cause I'm a lazy person :P

Had the last pcf session ytd ~
I put tgt all the videos of the performance (:  enjoy ~


Holding the script i reading

Old macdonalds had a farm !

Group photo !

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Also , today watched recall with Jasmine. Its a nice show , recommend you all to watch :)  Plus me and Jasmine consecutively sat at the same place in the same theatre for the third week alr , like curse littat LOL.

Anyway , as you all can see from my previouse posts , I'm quite a fan of Peggy Hsu , then she this september got concert in SG! But then like nobody i know listen to her song sia . So siann! :( 

Plus I just permed my hair :P  


I like my hat , you like it ? 



Actually ........

Its not even my hair LOL. was so bored today that i took my wig which i bought last year then i cut . Much better than before cause previously the fringe thmm long. Yay i can be hairdresser :D

This week was quite a disappointing week though , seen through all hypocrites , and i must say , I don't really bother anymore. What for , when you all don't even care . Anyw , what can get worse than pretending not to know each other ? So , I shall just pretend not to see if i see something that I dun wanna see . Afterall , escape's still the best way i guess ?

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