Saturday, August 11, 2012

Long weekend ~

Okay shall start with a update on 4Aug. Went to causeway shopping with my mum (: Also went to woodlands checkpoint eat (: Then she bought a vacuum cleaner LOL. Then have to carry it home -.- so heavy
outfit of the day

awkward smile

then had a typical schoolday on mon and tues ~

Then wed ! National day eve !! 
Plus xinmin's birthday !
her present
heehee the case took me 4 hours to make from scratch . Hope she like it (: 

Jasmine :D
Then on that afternoon , went to sembawang with Jasmine , okay sembawang means daiso lor ! :P
Bought 5 items ! But mostly to organize my room de !
Then we ate pasta :D  yes and i'm sorry for forcing jasmine to eat cause she didn't wanted pasta. But next time i will qian jiu you okay (;  Thanks for eating with me that day (:

Then had work that evening
Thur, 9 aug
Happy national day singapore ! Heehee must make a confession :
I ♥ Singapore !! 

Fri , 10 aug
went to work at 8 , was really tired :( 
then i wanted to go home at 12 cause at first need go home at 3 . then i asked the manager , then he thmm weird ask me go home immediately. Felt quite li yong-ed but who cares :P 
So i went home and went out with krystal ~ 
We went bugis :D 
Then bought 3 things only :(
bought a belt , a dress and one pair of leopard leggings ~


but i didnt take a photo of the leggings cause i wore it today :P
in the toilet
With krystal

back at home ~

Then today went to meet wenyi ! So long no see her :D
Went to scape , then guess what we bought ? Vitamins !! LOL
didnt ice skate cause we no money :(
After that we went scape , i bought quite a few things !~ so happy
passed by H&M and really wanted to buy a bag there ~
But in the end i resisted the temptation:D
outfit of the day + the leopard pants i bought at bugis

Then after that we went to Far east , while walking there we saw loads of performances (:
Will upload a video on it soon !
going back :(

After that went to Yishun to meet my mum and we had dinner at Ishi Mura :D
Also bought some stuff there  :D

Purchases of the day :
Gold necklace  (also bought one silver one for yongting's belated birthday present :)  ) then the clock ring , earring which i share buy with wenyi , eyeliner , blackhead remover and the top below

Heeehee I  ♥ shopping !!!

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