Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Redeem your Blue Magpie Tea on Sample Store

When it comes to sample redemption, I'm sure all of you have heard of Sample Store before! 

This June, Sample Store will be bringing the best of Taiwan to you! Yes, many beauty, food and beverages samples specially picked from Taiwan will be available for redemption on their website over the next few weeks!

For this week, IGIBAN Hydrocolloid Acne and Taiwan BlueMagpie Tea will be available and I'm happy to share more about the Taiwan Blue Magpie Tea with you guys!

Blue Magpie Tea 

Original box of 10 teabags
Taiwan Blue Magpie Tea only provides tea without fertilisers and pesticides, so you can be assured that the tea you're drinking is 100% chemical free, organic, antioxidant rich and eco-friendly. 

The tea leaves are all handpicked to prevent any damage to the tea leaves, so that only the best reaches us, the consumers. Yes, machine picked tea will cause injury to the leaves which may cause the plants to release excess chemicals! Also, by handpicking, we can be sure that only the best leaves are chosen.

Blue Magpie Tea offers 3 different flavours:
1. Pouchong Tea - Taste: Smooth, elegant fragrance
2. Honey Flavor Black Tea - Taste: honey-fruit aroma
3.  Oriental Beauty - Taste: fruity, smooth and naturally sweet

Personally, I tried the Honey Flavour Black tea and I find it to be really smooth and its pleasant taste will linger around, making you crave for even more. There's a really nice fruity aroma which makes it really enjoyable to drink.

Teabag- 2.5grams

Below are some tips to brew the perfect cup of Blue Magpie Tea.

1. Rinse the cup with hot water.
2. Put in 1 tea bag.
3. Pour in 250mL of freshly boiled water and allow it to stand for 2-3minutes. 

Honey Flavour Black Tea

Now, you can redeem your Blue Magpie Tea samples (as well as many others!) on Sample store with free delivery over at this link: https://goo.gl/gprGSV 

Thanks for reading, love you all!

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