Tuesday, March 27, 2018

21st Birthday Celebration

I remember the last time I had a birthday party was when I was 9 years old. As I'm approaching 21, many around me threw a 21st birthday party, which led me into thinking for the longest time whether I should have a party or not. Then, a friend of mine told me that he did not organize his 21st and he regretted it. Me being me, I hate living with regrets so I decided to go ahead and organize one.

I guess the toughest decision for me was the choice of location. Many have their party in fancy hotels, chalets as well as cafes. The first two options definitely crossed my mind but I did not want to hold my party in hotels as the space constraints would make my guests really uncomfortable. As for the second option, I was quite against it as most of the chalets were in the east which I really disapprove of whenever I have to go there for gatherings. (Sorry for those who had it in the east) So while I was still in this dillemma for the party location, I saw someone having a baby shower at the pavillion below my house and it immediately struck me that the pavillion would be the best choice to hold my party at. Looking at my group of friends, I think I’m really lucky because all my close friends, from primary all the way to uni, mostly stay in my area.

From booking of location, to deciding on decorations and caterer, I’m quite glad to say that all was quite easy since everything other than booking the location could be done online. Also, I can easily recce the venue to plan for my decorations.

As I chose a pavilion to hold my party in, I needed a lot of decorations and hence, I decided to get a few backdrops for my guests to take photo with.

For my dessert/main table, I got a few cake toppers, a dessert stand, balloons, ‘happy birthday’ buntings and fairy lights!

Also, since it was not in chalet/hotel setting, I had to make sure my guests have tables and chairs to rest in. My caterer could only rent 4 tables and 20 chairs to me and hence, I had to source for more tables and chairs on my own.

Luckily, I had very resourceful friends like CY, Xiao Chuan Chuan and Kwan Wei (thank you guys!!) who sourced out several options for tables and chairs for me. Lastly, I settled on the rest of the tables and chairs by loaning from the RC near my house. Yes, I was really surprised to hear that they were willing to loan the rest of the chairs and tables to me (for free also!). Also, I’ll like to extend my thanks to Zale, Jar and Leon for helping me to move the tables and chairs. 

Moving on to the cake and desserts, I was talking to Doreen the other day and yes, she is another talented friend that I have that can cook and bake really well! (She baked a cake for me two years ago too!) So in our conversation, I asked if she was willing to sell her cakes and desserts to me and I was so happy when she said yes!! 

These are the designs which she sent me a month before my celebration and that was the first event that made me excited and look forward to my party!

To add on to the list, on my birthday itself, I’ll like to thank Krystal, Weixiang, Kwan Wei, Wenyi, my family members as well as Zale, Leon and Jar for the setup! Couldn’t have done it without all of you and the party certainly won’t look that good. 

Another person I sincerely wanna extend my gratefulness to would definitely be QiPing! Can’t believe it’s already been a year since we knew each other through our Kanazawa trip and he offered to sponsor me a photo booth for my birthday. I was really happy because this activity definitely made a great difference for my guests as they get to have instant photos that day. 
A lot of my friends mentioned how cool it was to have the photo booth and of course, I didn’t have to pick up my phone or camera that day at all. All these wouldn’t have been possible without QiPing! So, anyone who wants to have a photo booth for your event can also engage www.acornphotographysg.com (@acorn_photography). 

Here are some of the photos taken that day.
The first few photos with my family were all taken before QiPing was here!

And the rest of the softcopies:

With my family members <3
My mama <3
With my mama and papa <3

Primary school/Batam Crew:
My bff since primary school <3 - Krystal

My helper of the day + my longest ever friend of 14 years - Wenyi
My helper of the day + Constant since p3 -Kwan Wei

With my batam trip members <3
Left to right: Xin Hui, Kwan Wei and Wenyi
Secondary school/Princesses:
4/6 Princesses
Left to right: Angeline, Zihuan, Jasmine, Eva
With JianZhi!
My support in poly + the baker of the party!! -Doreen
My doras + Lee Lee who's in UK :(
Left to right: Doreen, Lim and YangYi
My favourite group of YCLs
Left to right: Valerie, Jing Chuan, Vivian
Bottom: Jolie
With CY!!

APOLLO- My favourite and first bunch of friends that I got really close to from camp (technically they are from the second camp I attended)
Left to Right: Clarence, Jodan, Justin, Bernard
Bottom: Beverly
My fav bunch from Perfumery<3
Left to right: Doreen, Mieko
Bottom:JieXi, Chiew Xuan, Lim

With Qiping!

Lijiang 4 <3 Exactly one year ago we were still in China!
Left to Right: WenHan, LinYe, NJ, ZheWei

My favourite bunch in hall <3
Left to right:Liteng, Denise, Zale
Bottom: Leon, Jar, Yixuan




With my first NUS FOS friends!
Left to right: WenHan, Bao, Jaoming, Gab

With Marcus!

With Angela and her family! Thankful for your presence <3

W my mama and VuiYee (featuring a different backdrop)

My mama and her friends
With Roy

And here are two shots I find really cute

A photo where she can finally be my bridesmaid and yeap she is gonna be my maid of honour if I ever get married

Fighting for the crown HAHHAA

Lastly, before I end off, I’m really thankful for all my closed ones who could make it as all your presence meant a whole lot to me. From primary school all the way to uni, I’m really elated to have met all those people whom I invited because all of you have definitely made an impact in my life.

Of course, I’d also like to thank all my family members who took their time off to come to this party and also my parents for giving birth to me woohoo!!

As this is not a rather big scale party, I’m really sorry for those who I couldn’t invite and hope none of you are offended! 

Once again, thank you for staying till the end and hope you enjoyed this post! If you need any links for any of the items/decorations I used in the party you can always drop me a dm on Instagram @christinenglt.

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