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Sen'se De Belle TriLipo Treatment

With the hustle and bustle of daily life, it seems rather tough to keep in shape nowadays (for me at least). Just two weeks ago, Sen'se De Belle introduced me to another type of treatment which can keep me in shape effortlessly and conveniently. It's my second slimming treatment with them and this time, it is different from the Freeze Sculpting treatment which I did previously.

For my first treatment, I did noticed a reduction in my tummy size within two weeks and I'm glad to say that the area is less bulgy compared to before I did any treatments. However, it still can be improved as the area is not as well defined as I would love for it to be.

To add on, all my school camp late night suppers, unhealthy eating and lack of sleep has caused me to increase weight and I did feel the need to do something about this lifestyle.

Sen'se De Belle introduced the TriLipo treatment for me. This treatment involves a significantly different treatment nature from the first Freeze Sculpting treatment, which is the usage of Radio-Frequency energy.

Before I explain how the technology works, let me show you my results!
Before and After Treatment

As seen from the before and after photo, the tummy area became more well defined and the bulgy tummy did decrease immediately. Normally, when I go for other slimming treatments, it is the total "waist line number" that decrease but spot reduction results were not so obvious. To add on, I could feel the area being less flabby after the treatment. Hence, I can conclude that this treatment is really effective in tightening up my skin as well as reducing stubborn fats at a particular area. 

As for the comfort level, I must say that this treatment was not as comfortable and I would rate the discomfort level to be 4/10. The feeling that you get during the treatment would be having a warm applicator massaging on you after you did 100 sit ups as the muscles were being worked. 

Below would be TriLipo's promotional video from Youtube for a more technical understanding of how it works. 

TriLipo treatment combines 2 effective technologies, namely TriLipo RF and TriLipo Dynamic Activation.

As the name suggests, TriLipo RF (Radio Frequency) consists of RF deep volumetric heating combined with internal muscle contraction and external mechanical force. This produces a synergistic effect of maximum fat removal as well as skin tightening.
Figure 1: Release of liquefied fats from fat cells
Figure 1 above shows how RF generates heat to produce a thermal effect that accelerates the natural fat metabolism process and the release of liquid fat from the fat cells into the extra-cellular matrix. Fat metabolism is also increased in the subcutaneous fat layer and collagen remodelling in the dermal layer. 
Figure 2: Optimal drainage yielded due to internal and external pressure

In Figure 2,  the applicator presses the skin from above and causes mechanical pressure. This produces accelerated lymphatic drainage. Tissue oxygenation and detoxification is optimised with the combined effect of RF and forced drainage (homogenous heating and accelerated blood and lymph circulation).

Figure 3: Collagen remodelling in the dermal layer leading to smoother skin surface

Figure 3 shows the regeneration of collagen due to increased fibroblasts metabolism.

Overall, we can expect these benefits from the treatment:

-Body Sculpting
-Skin Tightening
-Cellulite Reduction
-Stretch Marks Improvement
-Immediate visible results
-Long-term effect
-Pleasant treatment experience
-Completely non-invasive
-"Walk-in-walk-out procedure
-Suitable for all skin types
-Clinically proven

Of course, treatment area is not limited to only tummy area, other treatment areas include: face, neck, arms, inner thighs, thighs, back, waist, buttocks, hands, back thighs and ankles.

For enhanced results it is recommended to undergo a series of treatments. Hence, I look forward to incorporate this convenient, "lunch-time long" treatment into my lifestyle and look even better :)

You can try out your TriLipo Session over at Sen'se De Belle too!

Happy me :)
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Till next time, Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading!! 

Disclaimer: Information about the treatment has been taken from TriLipo's Official Website.

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