Saturday, June 10, 2017

A Better Florist

Whenever there are celebratory events, flowers are always one of the first few items that comes to my mind as it's a delightful gift for a dear one.

After being bloomed with The Wonderland bundle (Tulips + Macarons) from A Better Florist, my mood was instantly lifted due to the cheerfulness of the brightly coloured gift.

Being a lover of flower bouquets, I'm pretty stoked to announce that A Better Florist offers unique flower arrangements and thoughtful gift bundles.  

In the past, flowers are considered luxury purchases and only limited to special occasions. However, with the renewed interest of the flower industry as well as the influx of more online florists in Singapore, flowers are now more commonly used for other purposes - such as decorating your house/ work areas. 

Other than just selling them, A Better Florist is now opening its doors on every Saturday for its Flower Jam Session. The session teaches you the basics in floristry, including modern flower arrangements and basic flower care. 

I've previously had the opportunity to attend a flower arrangement class while I was on an exchange trip to Japan and I must say that floristry is a really interesting hobby to pick up. Besides that, you get to have beautiful flowers to brighten up your homes!! 

This week's jam session focuses on using succulents and Australian wild flowers. These succulents are excellent alternatives to the usual filler flowers for their interesting textures and appearance. 

At only $40/pax(First 3 sign-ups), you can learn how to transform cheap flowers into luxurious bouquets. Sign up now for an interesting weekend with your loved ones and you get to up your flower game together!

Thanks for reading!

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