Friday, January 6, 2017

JJ Hair Identity

It’s been more than a year since i've dyed my hair black and cut it short as it was rather damaged previously and i could not have vibrantly colored hair due to work purposes.

Hence, this time, while i visited J&J Hair Identity, a Katong hair salon, i requested for a subtle hair color that was suitable for me as well as presentable on the professional front. 

When i visited the salon, i learnt that they use Natulique products, which are made from Certified Organic ingredients.

Due to what i learnt from my course of study, i was glad to know that Natulique is an ECOCERT certified hair care. Being Eco certified would mean that these products would not harm the environment unlike usual hair dyes which contain ammonium components. These ammonium compounds would somehow enter the drains and eventually into our lakes and reservoirs, which are a source of our drinking water.

ECOCERT demands a requirement level that is superior to conventional regulations governing cosmetics, by which to irrefutably guarantee genuine environmentally friendly methods during production, while also promoting the use of natural substances exceeding superior ecological quality. 

However, when i first heard of organic hair dyes, the impression i received would be that the colors would be just dark shades of brown to black.
Upon visiting J&J Hair Identity, i found out that this was not true, bright stunning colors could be done too!
Here are some examples which I chanced upon on their instagram (@jjhairidentity) 

Example 1

Example 2

Going back to my hair, Jac did an original mix of colors and did Natulique Floral series for me!
He chose a brown hair base for me, with purple highlights underneath and self-created purplish-blonde highlights on the crown.

I must mention that i really loved the final outcome! Even though i bleached my hair for this, my friends all agreed that it wasn't damaged and still felt soft! Hence, J&J Hair Identity is definitely a hair salon in Singapore that is reliable and professional. 

Do visit or instagram: @jjhairidentity for more info! 

What are you waiting for now? It's time for you to get your very own set of professional organic hair colors!
J&J Hair Identity is located at #02-11 Katong Square 88 East Coast Road, S 423371 Thanks for reading! 

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