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Laurier Ultra Gentle Sanitary Napkin

Well, as a girl, one of the monthly things that we dread/ find it troublesome would be when we have our periods (at least thats the case for me). I have leaks almost every months until I start using Laurier products three months ago. However, that's not the main point of today's post as I'm reviewing a totally different product which I'm using for the very first time. 

One reason that I could think of that girls like me would find having periods a chore would be because we are uncomfortable with wearing thick sanitary napkins that make our intimate areas feel stuffy or warm. 

Did you know that not wearing the correct sanitary napkins would actually increase the risk of getting napkin dermatitis?

Napkin dermatitis is triggered by two main factors:

(a) High humidity environment
- When a sanitary pad comes into contact with your intimate area, the humidity derived from perspiration and menstrual blood is confined. As a result, this brings about the damp environment within a napkin with temperature of 35- 36 ̊C and relative humidity to be 85% or higher (this climate corresponds to tropical rainforest climate), making the skin very sensitive and get swollen more easily. 

(b) Physical stimulation due to contact of napkin surface with the skin
- As the skin became very sensitive, its resistance and barrier against external stimulation such as rubbing of skin against napkin surface reduced significantly.

Our intimate area is actually very delicate so it is very important for us to choose the correct sanitary napkins! 

Let me show you a picture of the layers of skins that each different part of our body has:

Our intimate areas has between 4-8 layers of skin, which is actually slightly lesser than the layers of skin at our eyelids. Now that I've mentioned this, can you imagine how delicate the intimate area is?

To cater to our needs, which is for a gentler sanitary napkin that is less stuffy while preventing leaks, Laurier has proudly came out with Laurier Ultra Gentle range sanitary napkins!

For this post, I shall focus mainly on Laurier Ultra Gentle 25cm and 30cm. 

Featuring Laurier Ultra Gentle sanitary napkins and my fav soft toy 

Being the first dermatologistically tested sanitary napkin in Singapore, Laurier Ultra Gentle offers 4 features that gives it a competitive edge over other sanitary napkins.

(1) Superior Absorbency
(2) Ultimate Comfort
(3) Extra Breathable
(4) Advanced Technology

I've worn the sanitary napkins and also conducted an experiment and I must say that all 4 claims of Laurier Ultra Gentle definitely live up to the standard!

(1) Superior Absorbency

For this claim, I've conducted a simple experiment:

Materials used:
Laurier Sanitary Napkin 
Kitchen Wall
A cup of tea 
A 1mL dropper
Tea and dropper

 I started off by testing Laurier Ultra Gentle 25cm:
Laurier Ultra Gentle 25cm

An individual napkin
I personally prefer this packaging over the 30cm one as its more princessy and there is actually a heart shape in the middle of the sanitary napkin * insert heart eyes emoji *

So, continuing to my experiment, I stuck the sanitary napkin vertically to the kitchen wall to simulate an extreme situation when you're doing cartwheels while wearing your sanitary napkin or doing something worse.

I then took a snapshot of the sanitary napkin after every 10 times I add the tea using a 1mL dropper to the sanitary napkin.

I continued until the bottom of the sanitary napkin ( I used the heart shape for this sanitary napkin as a marker) felt damp. 

For Laurier Ultra Gentle 25cm, it took 80 mL of tea before I felt the heart shape to be slightly damp. 

at 70mL of tea

At 70mL of tea, the area below my finger is actually dry to touch! I'm definitely amazed by the superior absorbency of this sanitary napkin!
Here's the before and after weight difference of the sanitary napkin:

Additional 69 grams of tea and zero leakage!!

Next, I'll move on to Laurier Ultra Gentle 30cm!

For this sanitary napkin, it is even more impressive and can hold up to 110mL of tea before the bottom of the sanitary napkin feels slightly damp!

An impressive capacity of 89grams of tea and still zero leakage!

I've googled and found that for the entire course of a girl's menstruation, she can lose from 4-12 teaspoons of blood, which i believe would add up to be less than 89 grams! 

Next claim would then be (2) Ultimate Comfort!

I've worn the sanitary napkins for about 2 days and I must agree that this sanitary napkin is super comfortable and hardly feels like it is there even though it is 25cm. 

With its unique airy soft wavy surface, the napkin has a much reduced skin contact, minimizing any forms of friction and irritations!

For (3) Extra breathability,
I've not felt any stuffiness since I wore it. Let me repeat myself again, I've not felt any stuffiness!! I'm not saying this just because it is a sponsored review but this sanitary napkin is really awesome and I'll just buy this from now on!

As for (4) Advanced Technology,
Laurier Ultra Gentle Sanitary napkin is developed with Japan Advanced Skin Science Technology, which explains its premium quality and superior absorbency!

Here's something interesting which I noticed about the napkin when I was conducting the experiment.

I found out that the spot where the tea was dripped onto will rise up instead of spreading, which is something special about the polymers they use in the napkins and hence, increased its absobency! 

Lastly, Laurier Ultra Gentle Sanitary Napkins are available in different lengths, for your different needs:

1. Ultra Slim; Light Flow; 18s; 20.5cm; $5.20
2. Ultra Slim; Day; 16s; 22.5cm; $5.40
3. Ultra Slim; Heavy Day; 15s; 25cm; $5.60
4. Slim; Night; 10s; 30cm; $4.80
5. Slim; Heavy Night; 9s; 34cm; $5.35
6. Slim; Extra Heavy Night: 7s; 40cm; $4.95

They are available at leading supermarkets and personal care stores such as Cold Storage, Fairprice, Watsons etc. 

Want to try before buying? You can redeem your Laurier Ultra Gentle 25cm 2s sample at

Also, hit like or find out more information on Laurier's Facebook: 

Thanks for reading!!

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