Saturday, July 9, 2016

Review: Personal experience with ASUS Zenfone Max

It's been more than two weeks since I tried the ASUS Zenfone Max and I'm so excited to share with all of you my thoughts for this phone!

To start off with, as mentioned in my previous post about an introduction to ASUS Zenfone Max, this is my first time in ages using a phone that is not running on IOS system. Therefore, I will do some comparison with my current phone, which is an iPhone 6s.


For appearance wise, I would prefer the back of the iPhone 6 Plus as I like the metallic finish instead of the leathery finish.

However, I wold prefer the front and sides of ASUS Zenfone Max. ASUS Zenfone Max has a glossier screen and the sides are simpler as well.

For weight wise, they feel about the same but iPhone 6 Plus would have an advantage by weighing only 172g while ASUS Zenfone Max weighs heavier at 202g.

Battery Life
One feature that made me really impressed about ASUS Zanfone Max would definitely be its battery life! Not only am I able to charge other phones with it, it can last me a whole day out!

Another feature that I like about ASUS Zenfone Max would be its removable storage. This would mean that I only pay for what I need to use and not decide my phone's storage space when i purchase it. I can add a memory card to it when needed as it supports memory cards up to 64GB.

Dual Sim Function
As I have two sim cards due to my singtel plan, I really appreciate this function as this would mean that I am able to switch between the two sim cards conveniently, without all the fuss.

Camera's Beautifying Function
With it's pre-installed beautification mode, a lot of time is saved whenever I want to take selfies. From softening of skin, enlargement of eyes to sharpening the jaw, I definitely need lesser time editting my selfies afterwards!

I also really appreciate its low light feature which enables me to take clear photos even at night settings!

Check out a selfie I took using ASUS Zenfone Max!

For speed wise, I feel that it is still slightly slower than iPhone 6 plus.


However, this is compensated by its pricing.

Priced at only SGD$249 for 16GB, it is much more affordable than an iPhone 6 Plus which costs SGD$1048.

Overall, if you are looking for a more affordable phone, ASUS Zenfone Max would be a choice which is competitive enough!

Do check out ASUS's Official Web for more information about this phone!

Thanks for reading!

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