Tuesday, March 29, 2016

AEC Wellness Clinique

Was invited to Aegle TCM Wellness clinique about a month ago and I was excited as it is the first time I'm doing a facial that was infused with traditional chinese medicinal treatment method "Gua Sha".

I headed there on my last day of exam as it would be a great way to destress.

When I reached, I was quite surprised to see the shop so beautifully furnished with bright lightings. I guess I had the stereotype that the shops which provide chinese medicinal treatments were all mostly dark and shabby LOL.

Pretty decorations

I was greeted with beautifully decorated treatment rooms with a hint of woody and oriental scents and I know I'm in for a relaxing treat!

The facial mainly consists of cleansing, extractions and of course, the guasha as well as a mask to end off!

I really enjoyed myself during the massages and guasha as the therapist was really good at it.
From her hand techniques and all, you could tell that massaging and guasha is really the forte and signature of the shop.

 The products, especially the mask, smelt like blueberry and it was really good.

However, I was slightly uncomfortable during the mask as I felt it was too thick and I opened my eyes (it was covered with a mesh) when it was being applied. I was slightly afraid to close my eyes during the mask and hence, I did not really enjoy that part. However, my skin did feel very smooth right after that though!

Radiant skin!!

My skin felt really soft until the next day and it was clear and all until about a week later, the skin started peeling. I noticed the peeling two days before my korea trip. During my trip, the climate caused it to be worse and I had to put mask consequtively before it recovered when I came back to singapore.

I guess my skin might have been undergoing regeneration after the facial ba!

Overall, I would rate the clinic:

Aesthetics: 8/10
Service: 9/10
Products: 6/10
Location: 6/10

Thanks for the sponsorship!!
If you're interested, you can visit them at:

Aegle TCM Wellness Clinique
11 Unity Street #02-12
Robertson Walk,
Singapore 237995

Tel: 6779 4266

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