Sunday, April 3, 2016

Beauty Hope

Was rather skeptical about receiving another facial treatment sponsorship due to my skin peel the previous round and hence, I waited quite a while before I accepted this sponsorship! 
But man I did not regret it!

It was my second week of intern when I headed for the treatment. At that point of time, the only issue with my skin was that I found it slightly dull and hence, for this session, I chose to have Power source face lightening treatment with Beauty Hope.

Beauty Hope gave me a homely feel and the furnishings felt warming to the heart along with a tinge of sweetness.

Having achieved so many awards for the past few years, I was confident that I'll walk out of Beauty Hope feeling satisfied and prettier hehe.

So let the facial begin!

First thing, we started with skin consultation to know if I'm suitable for the skin treatment as it involves laser. Skin that received chemical peel in the past month are strongly advised not to go ahead with the treatment as it will be too sensitive for the treatment.

The consultant also advised me the skin routines I should take after the treatment which involves not applying any product containing AHA acids such as lactic and glycolic acid after the treatment. 

Also, I was advised against products with Vit C content as it might cause discoloration of the skin.

And let the treatment begin!
Ofc, before any treatment, the skin had to be cleanse!

So this is how my skin looks like after cleansing, without any make up or filter!

Next, a peeling product was applied to my skin to remove dead skin and comedones.

As I still have slightly clogged pores with blackheads, I was advised to undergo extraction.
And here comes the star of the treatment.... The Power Source Face Lightening machine!!
A gel was applied to the face to protect the skin and facilitate the treatment.

Well, I can say that the laser was totally painless because I ACUALLY FELL ASLEEP.
and urm.. my photos during the laser were all very unglam and this photo below is actually the most glam because my mouth wasn't open that big LOL.
I felt so embarrassed when I saw the photos omg.
After the laser,  the skin is rather delicate and Beauty Hope gave me a hydrating treatment so that the skin will be well protected and hydrated!

Another product was applied!

The hydrating machine had an ultrasonic metal head and the cooling properties of the metal made my skin felt very soothed. This process is really the best part of the treatment *.*

Then we had a quick massage..

And lastly, a mask was applied to end off this wonderful treatment!

Uneven eyes but my skin is glowing in here!

Walking out of Beauty Hope barefaced and still feeling good!

Other than the facial, Beauty Hope also sponsored me a silk mask!

When I opened the mask, it consisted of 3 layers.
The middle layer was the actual silk mask!

The mask was very moisturizing but I felt that it was a little too oily for me!

Overall, I would rate this facial experience as follow:

Aesthetics:  7.5/10
Location: 8/10

My skin remained good and soft for at least two weeks and hence, I'm happy to say that the treatment really worked and the softness after the facial was not just an effect of the products used! I find the after effects of facial to be most important because everyone can see your skin when you're outside, not when you're doing your facial!

If you want to try out the same facial treatment as I did, feel free to drop by any one of their two outlets!

Beauty Hope @ Relaxing
Blk 261 Waterloo Street 
Singapore 180261
Tel: 6883 2293

Beauty Hope @ Relaxing
Blk 709 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8
Singapore 560709
Tel: 6458 2293

In celebration of International Women's Day, Beauty Hope is having a special treat for this state-of-art beauty treatment from Korea. Quote "Christine" and enjoy this promotion at only $88 (usual price $380). * T&C apply 

Thanks for reading!!

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