Thursday, September 6, 2012

Holidayy !

Heehee so fast thurs alr !  Havent really done anything much this sept hol.
Only watched tv for the past few days .
Had flea at scape , sales was really bad cause i went late and all the good location was taken up.
Really upset that day and kinda fa pi qi :X
Sorry !!
Then on sun whole day watched tv
then on mon had work :D
Had a terrible headache that day :(
but they renovated the store that day and the crew room lock thmm cool.  Need password de LOL
Then the counter became bigger . Think i was the first to use the new one YAYAY

Then i became a nerd on tues and did my overdued maths homework in library at northpoint.

Then wed I went bowling with jasminee !
First round i win :D

Second round i super lousy :(
okay , guess who is who in the second round ?  (Hint : I lost in the 2nd round)
Then after bowling we went to play one round snooker .  I lost in the beginning cause i accidentally hit in the black ball D:  DIULIAN 
but it was quite fun and we purposely thmm slow cause got ppl waiting for the cue ball and the sticks.
Then after that we went library awhile then part.
Today went hospital with my mum , then went amk for shopping :D  

Oh ya later going IKEA . YAY can buy things <33333

haha i realised that this week i super anti social :( maybe cause i don't even bother starting any convos with anyone anymore.. oh and even if i start a convo , idk why but i will end it asap . HAHA k i guailan . 

anyw , my all new favorite now is gummy worms !!!! So nice right ?

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