Friday, May 27, 2016

Maifest 2016

As an intern, I wait all week for Fridays!!

Yesterday, ChiewXuan and I headed to La Nonna@ Holland Village as I have a food voucher thanks to the entertainer's app which I will blog about in the next post.

While we were eating, we could see that the streets outside had something exciting going on- loud music, photobooths and many game booths!

When we finished, we headed out and learned that MaiFest was going on!

Well, ChiewXuan and I had never heard of MaiFest but we guessed it was sort of a beer fest!

After reading about it, I learned that it was celebrated for the forth year in Singapore this year!

What is "Maifest" about?

Maifest originated from Brenham in Germany, and has been celebrated every eat since 1881.

After a long and cold winter, the revival of nature's life is the reason for this festival to celebrate the new harvesting season. Being a festival that had a religious significance at first, it became more joyful and colourful, embedding itself as a cultural event to look out for.

Some of the interesting activities planned was definitely the photobooth, where both of us grabbed a few shots and received a free instant printout!

To make up for the night setting, a ring light was set up too. Kudos to the organizers for such thoughtful planning!

After taking our photos, we walked around to explore more of the booths.
 One of the games that attracted a large crowd was the "Gelande Quaffing". The queue was too long so we did not participate but here's the game rules if you're interested.

As we head further down the street, we saw another game booth- "Stand A Bottle Up". Since the queue was not that long, we attempted at it.

If you've added me on snapchat (@christinenglt), you would have seen my attempt at it:p <do add me if you haven't!>

Basically, this game involves you using a rod with a ring attached by a string; to lift the empty beer bottle up in 30seconds.

Well, it sounded impossible to me, looked impossible to me, but it was definitely not impossible when I tried it. I managed to lift the bottle up after about 25 seconds.

Chiewxuan was probably a born expert in this and she did it at slight past 10seconds!! Even the person who timed her was amazed.

And of course, we received our attractive prizes!
The prizes included a cup of ice cold refreshing beer, a cup of bangers and mash, entry to a bar nearby where we can enjoy one-for-one beer all night as well as an event flower crown.

For One-For-One beer!

Other than this game, there was a booth providing German Hair Braiding.

Such a pity that I had short hair else I might give this a shot.

Not far away from the hair braiding store, we also saw people competing in the Stein Hoisting booth, where four men had to compete to see who could hold two glasses of beer the longest. The record timing was 19:05 when we saw it and I really wonder whether any machos broke the record after we left.

So this is just a short update on how I celebrated my Friday night :) 

How did you enjoy your Friday night?

Thank for reading <3

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