Sunday, October 4, 2015

Back in SG

This post is retyped as I forgot to save my previous post and it made me so upset because I had so much feels while typing it out:(

So it's about a week since I'm back in SG. To be honest, I miss life in China. Everything was so stress free. 
I guess it was cause my main objective to go there was just service. Hence, the worries about school, money and everything else was put aside. 
I didn't keep track of days or dates, Monday was the same as weekends, September sounded unfamiliar to me. All I counted was day 1-14 of my trip there. 

Money wasn't an issue (until the last day at least) as I didn't have to worry about unpaid bills or meals or transport, and all I had to think of was how many souvenirs or snacks to buy with the amount I had. 

Everyday, regardless of us walking to our service location or for meals, we will gather and sing(maybe shouting) at the top of our lungs our favourite Chinese songs, without worrying about judgements because nobody knew us. 

The trip, despite being two weeks, which can be considered long as well as considered short, definitely had influenced me, positively to be specific.

One main difference was my temper.  I think it improved by quite a bit. I have not thrown any tantrums at my family or friends since I came back. Even though it has only been a week, but I feel that it's a rather big difference and will continue to be this way for quite a while.  

One example would be two days after my trip, my bro was sleeping and I was talking quite loudly with my mum. So he got awaken by our voices and he was rather annoyed and started scolding me after my mum left house. 

To my own surprise, even though I was very angry at being scolded, I held in my anger and did not argue with him.
Soon, his anger subside as he did not get the reaction he expected from me (I suppose). So our "argument" stopped rather quickly.
Giving in was definitely not something I would have done in the past. I'd list out all my points until I 'win' the argument, which usually ends with my bro or me leaving the room. 

Well, back to the first night that I reached the airport, I'm really thankful to these three guys who came to fetch me and helped carry my 14KG super heavy bag pack for the whole distance.

Even though they came because during our last outing, I casually joked for them to fetch me, I feel really appreciative as I really didn't thought they would really appear at T2. Oh but they laughed at the floral pants I wore that day T.T

To add on, my flight touched down earlier by an hour. First thing I did when I reached was to text my mum. She called me straight away and she was kinda kanchiong to know that I reached so early, I was puzzled at why she was so concerned about my touchdown time as she knew that I won't be going home till the next morning.

End up it was because this girl texted her to ask about my flight details <3
So my mum was afraid that she'd miss me at the airport and told me to contact her:p

So after collecting my baggages, kw still managed to surprise me by popping out behind me!! 

It was so sweet of her to surprise me because it was her exam week, and I felt really really thankful:')

Spent the night with these people and even though most of us just knocked out at 4am, I had a great time catching up with them.
Best family anyone could ask for!!

Then, in the afternoon, I headed to meet my poly clique because it was Lim's birthday^^

We catched Hotel Transylvania 2!
The movie was alright I would say, but I was so tired I fell asleep at the mid part of the movie and missed out on a lot:(

On Thursday, after HT101's meeting, we headed for mookata!!

After eating with each other for two weeks straight, it felt good and familiar to have dinner with them again:)

As for Sat evening, I met up with Weiheng before his enlistment on mon. It was a nice catch up as we've not met for months!

Had lunch with my fellow YCLs again today, I think this is a sign of over attachment yay<3

Till next time 

Thanks for reading:)

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